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TRAD Scaffolding is led by Group CEO Des Moore, who oversees the two operating divisions. A key difference of TRAD is its flat management structure – this unusual yet very successful approach ensures each division is autonomous, each with its own staff in key positions, and its own long-standing, satisfied customer base.


With key staff reporting directly to Des Moore, our flexible business model allows faster decision-making that avoids waiting for corporate approval. It also helps staff in key roles to build closer links with our clients by working with them wherever they’re needed, thus ensuring continuity and client satisfaction.

In-depth understanding

TRAD’s management teams, from Divisional Directors to Contracts Managers and Contracts Supervisors, have all been promoted through company ranks – giving them a thorough and practical understanding of every aspect of TRAD’s scaffolding business. This also ensures a continuity and consistency of approach that meets the challenges of modern day building methods head on and is dedicated to making the industry incident and accident free.

Division Leader Profile
Craig Hayes
Division Leader Profile
Jack Moorhouse
Division Leader Profile
Peter McShane
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