Pontoon Dock, London


The multi-million-pound regeneration of the Royal Docks is continuing with three new buildings at Pontoon Docks, designed by award-winning architectural practice Assael Architecture. The buildings will form an impressive gateway to the Thames Barrier Park and will provide 154 apartments for private rental and 82 affordable homes.

Due to client request and preference, system scaffold was supplied around the three, 13 storey blocks, with a full podium at level two next to the DLR lines.

The biggest challenge on this 17-month project was the close proximity to the DLR lines along the north elevations, so TRAD recommended the use of their exclusive TRAD Mini Catch Fans to Bouygues. This innovative system is designed to catch falling objects rather than deflect them back into the building, and it offers significantly increased protection over that of traditional boarded fans. What makes the system really unique is that a crane is not required to install or move it up the building, it can all be done manually. Incidentally, Bouygues UK is the first main client to now insist on Mini Catch Fans to all areas that can’t be fully excluded.

TRAD was very proud to receive an Act Safe League Winner Certificate from Bouygues
due to their exceptional health and safety on this project.