Committed to the Highest Standards in Scaffolding Safety

New sentencing guidelines were introduced this month by the Sentencing Council to provide more consistent consequences for health and safety offences. The new guidelines send a clear message to the scaffolding industry that health and safety obligations need to be taken seriously or they risk facing significant penalties.

Here at TRAD Scaffolding, we have always taken Health & Safety extremely seriously. As one of the foremost scaffolding groups in the UK, we constantly evaluate our work practices to strive to be at the forefront of OH&S compliance, innovation and good practice.

Our Behavioural Management Programme, Play It Safe, is part of that continuing process to produce ever safer working environments for our people, our clients’, operatives and the general public – so when choosing a contractor it pays to use professional, regulated scaffolding subcontractors.

Safety overrides cost – always.

TRAD Scaffolding Safety