TRAD Scaffolding Moonraker Point London

Moonraker Point

CLIENT: Mansell

TRAD Scaffolding are in the final stages of completing the Moonraker Point project which
is a highly technical and challenging venture for Mansell. The project was secured by Mansell for their client Unite PLC the UK’s leading provider of student accommodation.

The initial remit was to erect a heavy duty support gantry around the perimeter of the building, this allowed for the use of mast climbers on the main external scaffold.

But the real challenge came on the upper levels of this new build! At roof level three “pods” which overhang the building perimeter on two elevations where to be constructed. This required the access scaffold to be cantilevered out for over 3.00m and this was within areas that had minimum support inside the building, a challenge which TRAD overcome by our efficient design and 750mm deep beams.

During the construction of these cantilevers we were required to work, in part, overtop of a live road and also adjacent to a fire station, sports ground and yard. This difficult and challenging location required all of our extensive experience and the highest level of safe working practice. Through the use of tethered tools, fans and system components, that reduced the need for individual fittings, we completed the works without a single incident.