TRAD Scaffolding Begin Cladding Removal Project at Success House

TRAD Scaffolding is supporting Axis in the removal of cladding from success house in south east london, by erecting system scaffolding to the full height of the block.

Success House, on the Old Kent Road, is an 8-storey residential block, comprising of social and shared ownership housing. TRAD Scaffolding were successful in securing this project due to the capacity of access materials that are held within the TRAD Group, as well as the speed in which they were able to provide these services – essential due to the nature of this project.

TRAD is using 1,600m2 of system scaffolding over the 30 week timeframe, with residents remaining in their properties throughout and a solicitor’s office on the ground floor also remaining operational.

“We have taken the needs of ongoing occupancy fully into consideration; to ensure that there is minimal disruption for all residents, employees and our client.”

Chris Smith – Divisional Director, TRAD Scaffolding

TRAD Scaffolding Success House London