TRAD Group Reveals New Safety Initiative for 2021

The company has set up group-wide Project Units to help drive its approach to a range of business issues

TRAD Group (‘TRAD’), one of the UK’s leading scaffolding and access companies, has announced a new safety initiative for 2021, driven by internal committees set up to tackle key business issues.

COVID permitting, it is the intention of the Group to begin a roadshow around the country, visiting all its depots and offices to deliver engaging content on safety and wellbeing. The initiative, called the Personal Engagement Programme – or PEP talks – is focused not just on industry-led health and safety issues, but also on general wellbeing and mental health, something that has been a focus for CEO Des Moore for some time.

“One in four of us suffers from a mental health issue,” he comments. “That means that, on any given construction site or office, there are likely to be several people who may be struggling and not know where to turn. That’s why it’s important that employers support their people not just with their personal health and safety, but with their ongoing wellbeing, and that’s a vital part of our new approach.”

The initiative is the result of TRAD’s new Project Unit approach, which involves representatives from all areas across the business. These teams come together to review existing initiatives and improves the way that the business works both internally and with other site workers, customers, suppliers and the general public. 

“We already have a fantastic range of health and safety programmes in place,” says Steve Kearney (Group Safety and Quality Assurance Director). “The Project Unit has picked the best and most successful parts of these programmes and enhanced them with a wider approach. We’ll be re-inducting staff, which is a big project, but is important to ensure that everyone is on board and understands the protections and support in place across the company.” 

Alongside positive communications and support from managers and supervisors, so that they are leading by example, there will be monthly visits to the depots, sites and the team to ensure that the staff’s health, safety & wellbeing is much higher than just a satisfactory level.  The company wants to engage fully with its staff, and for the staff to be open and recognise they can talk, whether it be something personal, or whether it be about the business in general and ways to potentially improve the way things are currently done.  

“We believe in reward and recognition,” adds Des Moore, “so will be instituting quarterly awards and prizes for people who demonstrate a great attitude to safety and wellbeing, and who put themselves out to be a beacon for best practice. Our aim is to make things better for our people and in turn for our sites, our customers and everyone coming into contact with our work and our people.”