TRAD Group Proudly Support Workers’ Memorial Day - 28th April 2017

TRAD’s people and many of our clients – including Walter Lilly – supported Workers’ Memorial Day, held on Friday, 28th April 2017.

For this poignant memorial event, a minute’s silence was held at 11am, honouring those who have lost their lives or been injured whilst at work, a devastation which has touched so many people’s lives on a deeply personal level without much thought given from the outside world.

To mark this event, TRAD office staff wore purple ribbons and TRAD’s site people wore PPE displaying the purple ribbon and Workers’ Memorial Day logo.

TRAD Group intend to continue their full support by holding memorials for years to come, reminding us of the importance of supporting Workers’ Memorial Day. Like our clients, we will also strive to improve safety for all, to produce the safest environment for our people, our clients’ people and the general public, to save lives and minimise workplace injuries for future generations:

We all deserve to return home from work;  SAFE AND SOUND

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TRAD Scaffolding Workers' Memorial Day