TRAD Apprentice Wins Award

TRAD are very proud that one of our apprentices, Kamil Wlodarczy, was awarded a prize in the recent National Construction College (NCC) Apprentice Awards at Cathall Road.  Kamil is pictured on the left, standing next to the guest speaker at the awards, Colin Jackson, Olympian and television presenter. The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) joint sponsored the event and the award ceremony was very well attended. TRAD are a long standing member of the NASC and are very proud to be a member of an organisation that promotes good practice and produces quality safety and technical guidance, such as TG20, which is the technical specification that all scaffold companies, and scaffolders like Kamil, work in compliance with when erecting tube and fitting scaffolds.

Kamil has developed over the years into a very competent scaffolder and he follows a long line of apprentices in our training programme who have achieved their potential through the NCC’s Apprenticeship Scheme. TRAD place 10% of the workforce on the NCC’s apprentice programme and believe that the NCC does a superlative job of teaching apprentices at their Colleges, enabling them to achieve their full potential. The NCC’s Sales Executive Melissa Mann told us at the awards that Kamil’s instructors had said that our apprentice was a very able scaffolder and a superb ambassador for TRAD.

We’re very pleased to have such positive feedback on one of our apprentices, who was also recently made TRAD’s Employee of the Month for his diligence, initiative and superb safety record.

TRAD Scaffolding Apprentice Award