Nigel Bates

Westbourne Park Station, London

Project Value: £44,000

What is your impression of our overall service?

Overall, TRAD Scaffolding’s service has been very good. When installing a bespoke, system scaffold bridge to allow pedestrian access during a major refurbishment, the team was flexible and everyone that we dealt with was very accommodating to our needs. TfL passengers required access across an area that was completely closed off due to building work on the main access stairs and the guys were determined and very willing to get the job done to the highest standard possible.

Were all tasks completed as scheduled?

Yes, every task was completed to our deadlines, even with last minute changes. The project had a very tight deadline and we called upon all our experience to design a public walkway within a 3 hour window overnight. To ensure that everything ran to schedule, the TRAD Scaffolding team designed a full mock-up in our head office the weekend before. This helped us plan for any potential issues as we knew there could be no margin for error. As planned, the project ran like clockwork and we were very happy with the final results.

How was the attitude of our on-site team?

The attitude of everyone that we worked with was spot on. Everyone was very positive, helpful and flexible in the way that things were done.

How did you find our approach towards safety?

TRAD Scaffolding’s approach to safety was very good. I saw safety equipment being checked regularly throughout shifts and everything was in line with SPC monitoring guidelines.

Were there any incidents, and if so, how were these dealt with?

There were no incidents reported during the project.

How did we finish/close out the Account? If closed?

The account was closed over the course of a few discussions. We were delighted with the work that was carried out and everything was tied up amicably.

Was the project completed to your satisfaction?

Yes, it was a job well done.

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