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Leigh Davis

Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London

Project Value: £1,400,000

What is your impression of our overall service?

Having worked  closely with TRAD Scaffolding for nearly 8 years on the Royal London Hospital project, I can say that their overall service is very good. TRAD Scaffolding’s performance was great… the whole process was very collaborative.

Were all tasks completed as scheduled?

Generally speaking, the TRAD Scaffolding team provided their services whenever we needed them. There were a few occasions where resources were stretched due to high workload but when you’re working with scaffolding some flexibility is required.

How was the attitude of our on-site team?

The team’s attitude was always very positive. TRAD Scaffolding’s site manager developed a good relationship with all project managers and the surveyors.

How did you find our approach towards safety?

Everything was very thorough. The site manager was really proactive and committed to carrying out regular inspections. He also contributed to the safety initiative that Skanska was developing.

Were there any incidents, and if so, how were these dealt with?

I can’t recall any incidents. All of the inspections and maintenance were carried out on a regular basis.

How did we finish/close out the account?

The project was very large, so each phase was generally closed down as we progressed, in line with the programme. The whole project was certainly made easier with TRAD Scaffolding’s good relationship with the managers and surveyors. A final running account was kept from day one, which helped ensure that everyone knew what was happening and where they were headed throughout the project. Having an ongoing understanding of the account meant that there were no surprises at the end of the project.

Was the project completed to your satisfaction?

Yes. TRAD Scaffolding’s efforts and performance across the project were great. We can always rely on TRAD Scaffolding to deliver.

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