Richard Etridge

The Wallace Collection, Marylebone, London

Project Value:  £200,000

What is your impression of our overall service?

Your service has been exemplary. We always feel comfortable using TRAD Scaffolding as you make yourselves as familiar as possible with the buildings that we work on. Your prices are also very reasonable for the high standards that you work to.

Were all tasks completed as scheduled?

Yes, everything was completed on time. There were no problems and TRAD Scaffolding staff contacted us every day to plan and discuss everything in advance. The team were on-site whenever we needed them and were always able to make suggestions to help us out – the team really delivered.

How was the attitude of our on-site team?

All the way through the British Museum project, Micky Popov and his team were very knowledgeable about the security and fabric of the buildings – there wasn’t a single issue from start to finish. On the Wallace project, TRAD Scaffolding proved very popular with the client and your methods worked well, so you helped us achieve another great result.

How did you find our approach towards safety?

Safety is always TRAD Scaffolding’s first priority on site. At no point did we feel that we were forcing TRAD Scaffolding into practices they were uncomfortable with. Equally, TRAD Scaffolding would always advise us on alternative ways to proceed with what we had in mind. All the required systems and working platforms were developed with us, so we were never found wanting. Also, if any of our requests were unrealistic, TRAD Scaffolding would point them out; we really appreciate your uncompromising attitude towards compliance and safety.

Were there any incidents, and if so, how were these dealt with?

There were no incidents to report at all. The TRAD Scaffolding team are always very quick to react and promptly resealed our sheeting and roofing materials after they became torn due to stormy weather.

How did we finish/close out the Account? If closed?

This was all settled by the surveyors and managers, so there was never a need for me to get involved personally – so in that respect it was very good.

Was the project completed to your satisfaction?

Absolutely. TRAD Scaffolding accommodated everything exactly as we wanted. Your engineer’s drawings were very thorough. If ever TRAD Scaffolding needed more access, you would bring it to our attention and offer an alternative solution. You always provided us with the deck levels and access that would be needed too. It was not possible to forecast everything from the start but TRAD Scaffolding was very flexible in adapting their approach accordingly. They have proved to be a highly beneficial partner to us.

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