Knowledge Inspired


Knowledge Inspired is a mentoring programme designed to provide a structured process of learning to develop the skills of individuals in two specific areas:

1) Health & Safety

2) Planning & Commercial

The programme was created by TRAD Scaffolding to compliment the formal training available throughout the industry such as SMSTS, SSSTS, and CITB supervisory courses. The objective is to support the implementation of the individuals learning in the workplace.

The mentoring scheme lasts for 12 weeks, where individuals will be matched with a mentor who has in excess of 5 years’ experience. The mentor and mentee will meet in person on a weekly basis following a structured programme.


  • Currently working for TRAD as a Contracts Supervisor or Manager with less than 1 years’ experience at TRAD.
  • Any newly employed Contracts Supervisors or Managers irrespective of qualifications held.


The mentoring programme runs continuously throughout the year without any set start dates. So, as soon as you are matched with a mentor you continue your learning journey. Knowledge Inspired takes place every Wednesday for the duration of the scheme.


When the 12 week programme is completed it is expected that the individual will be able to confidently complete a number of tasks to a high standard. However, your mentor and Knowledge Inspired Champion can still be contacted if you require ongoing support – this is not structured support and can be worked out directly.


Both the Mentor and Supervisor must make this mentoring scheme work by prioritising it over other items to ensure that it is providing “added value” for all involved. The Supervisor must produce a typed up report for each Mentored Day, which is typed up and emailed to the Mentor and the Knowledge Inspired Champion, a Hire & Sales Officer. Except for major issues, it is expected that day-to-day running of projects for supervisors is taken up by others (and his/her phone is forwarded on to their manager). The mentoring programme will be split into two modules:

1) Health & Safety (six weeks)

2) Planning & Commercial (six weeks)

It is expected that at the end of the twelve week (3 months) mentoring programme that the Supervisor will be able to confidently complete the following tasks on his/her own to a high standard.



WEEKS 1 — 6

  • Introduction to Health & Safety,
  • Review techniques / processes for filling in paperwork and reports,
  • Application of TRAD’s 5 Key Safe Behaviours,
  • Weekly site visits focusing on the following areas: – Protection of others – Hazard identification – RAMS writing – Labour control – Transport, logistics and future works – Monitoring operations – Physical demonstrations,
  • Module evaluation and assessment.


WEEKS 7 — 12

  • Introduction to Commercial & Planning,
  • Review of the scaffold quote and allocated hours for individual items or work following site visit,
  • Guidance on programming works with client,
  • Review variety of available tools and methods at your disposal in relation to: – Labour cost – Programme including contracts work and additional works – Allocation sheets – Identifying site variations works and contract works – Handing over certificate,
  • Module evaluation and assessment.


  • The plan will have a Knowledge Inspired approach, initially beginning with a one on one discussion with a Manager assessing what the Supervisor thinks his/her role and responsibilities are,
  • A site visit will be arranged, so the Manager can make an assessment of the Supervisor’s ability and knowledge to actually carry out his/her duties effectively,
  • The initial site visit should be monitored only to allow the Mentor to assess obvious areas of improvement and assess strengths and deficiencies,
  • Mentor to discuss findings with Supervisor and give advice on implementing procedures to enable the Supervisor carry out his/her role more effectively,
  • Going forward Mentor to accompany Supervisor on specific tasks within his/her remit,
  • To include Engineers visit and design brief. Programme meeting and monitoring progress,
  • Periodically reinforcing basic requirements of Supervising throughout Mentoring process.