TRAD Scaffolding Company

Access Solutions

We offer two alternative scaffolding processes – traditional tube & fittings and the Plettac Metrix modular scaffolding system. By offering these choices, our customers can be sure that they always get the best value and most suitable tailored solution and for each specific project.

Our traditional scaffolding solutions with tube and fittings provide the flexibility to meet any scaffolding need. However, system solutions can provide increased speed of erection, if the client considers that to be one of the key drivers of a particular project.

The system solution we use is Metrix, which is considered by many as the most innovative system available today, with production certification to ISO 9001.

Additionally, we also use our own lightweight temporary roofing system and specialist system stair towers and hold considerable stock of all systems in our yard.


World leading system scaffolding solution

To complement our traditional scaffolding solution, we offer the Metrix System as an alternative.

Metrix is a German company that is arguably responsible for developing a very comprehensive system scaffold solution for use in the construction industry today, with production certification to EN ISO 9001. This includes components for protecting facades for support, as internal or birdcage scaffolding, or as rolling towers, as well as providing unimpeded access through the scaffold.

It is a palletised system and using our new truck mounted Fassi cranes, can be rapidly loaded and unloaded, greatly reducing turnaround time and increasing speed of delivery. For projects where speed, economy and aesthetics are key, the Metrix system is the ideal solution.

Tube & fittings

Tube is available in galvanised steel and aluminium, lengths are from 1.5 to 5 metres.

Both pressed and drop forged fittings are available in the following – Doubles coupler for fixing two tubes at 90*, Swivel Coupler for joining two tubes at an angle, Single coupler for joining two tubes in a non weight loaded position, Sleeve coupler for external end to end joints, and a Joint pin for internal end to end joints.

Scaffold boards are either BS or MSG grades. Scaffold boards are available in 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 metre lengths. A scaffold board is “BANDED” on each end with a metal strap to stop the board splitting during misuse and prolonging its serviceable life.


ALTRIX is an all-aluminium temporary roofing and weather protection system, which utilises the slide sheet keder model. This allows the roof sheets to be installed from the supporting structure below, in complete safety. Using proven sliding button system to retain the sheet tracking, ALTRIX uses a heavy-duty 790mm deep structural beam ideal for demanding applications.

Although ALTRIX is designed to work particularly efficiently with PLETTAC METRIX System Scaffold, it is not limited to this application. ALTRIX can be used in conjunction with almost any scaffold type.

ALTRIX is more than just a roofing system as the brace can be used to connect any 48.3mm diameter tube, they can be used to set out standards, ensuring optimum locations to accommodate the roof above. The sheet tracks can be fixed to the side of a scaffold to enable sidewall sheeting to be fixed, ideal for screens, temporary sheeting, etc.

ALTRIX is a complete solution designed for practical application.

TRAD stair tower

The preferred access and egress solution, as required by the new European Standards and the H.S.E.

The TRAD Stair Tower fully complies with BS EN 12811-1, the new European Standard for Code and Practice for Access and Working Scaffolds. These new ‘work at height’ regulations require the use of an external means to providing access to and from the scaffold structure with staircase towers being the preferred option.

The TRAD Stair Tower, with its compact footprint, offers the option of exits available at virtually any height, accessible from either side or end. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards using fully galvanized steel, they offer the highest levels of safe access and exits with a maximum capacity loading exceeding 70 + persons.

Suitable for all types of site work, they are quick to erect, highly robust when completed with the flexibility to adapt to changing site situations. With 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m stair flights, the Stair Tower can follow progressive scaffolding on brickwork and full access on refurbishment and commercial applications.

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