Ryan Gorey


Ryan is a fully qualified Scaffolder with a PART 2 qualification.
Tell us a little bit about your TRAD Story?

When I was fourteen I applied for work experience with the TRAD Group of Companies. They kindly arranged for me to work in the TRAD Scaffolding Contractors’ office, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Two years later I applied for an apprenticeship with TRAD and started work as a scaffold apprentice at sixteen and worked on a number of very safe prestigious projects. I learnt a great deal from my Mentors, Lead Scaffolders, Supervisors and the College’s instructors. I completed my final NVQ2 assessment in September 2017 and I’m a fully trained CISRS Scaffolder and looking forward to progressing.  If you put in the hard work and determination you can make a career for yourself within the TRAD Group.

What are your thoughts on the mentoring scheme?

The Mentoring Scheme is a great way to build your career, by learning on the job and having a strong support system. My mentors are always there to help with any questions or concerns I may have and have made sure I understand the Group’s ethos and commitment to high standards.

I love photography and hope one day to learn more about it, even take a course in it to improve my knowledge.

What experience have you gained whist working for TRAD?

Understanding complex instructions and professionally dealing with other trades and people on the job is a skill I have gained while working for TRAD. It’s not always easy, but I feel I am good at organising and planning work – and I hope my peers would agree.

Do you have career goals?

Yes I do, but you have to be flexible. This coming year my goal is to take more responsibility and to get involved in more complex work and to be recognised as a hard working competent scaffolder and eventually become a Lead Scaffolder. Over the next five years I hope to have developed a much wider knowledge of the business and the needs of our clients and their site management teams. I am intrigued to learn about surveying and hopefully I will in time join the TRAD management team as a Junior Surveyor.

Do you want to take on more responsibility?

Yes, I enjoy being given responsibility to prove my values. I would be very interested in being a mentor in the future to someone who I can pass my knowledge on to, someone who may be starting the same scheme I originally enrolled on.

Every day can be a challenge when working on a site, from physical to having problems arise that you need to deal with – that is why I am glad TRAD have a strong support system.

TRAD always strive to improve on a daily basis, what are your thoughts on what TRAD Group can improve on?

Personally, I would like to receive more communication on what is happening within all the companies within the TRAD Group (TRAD Scaffolding Contractors, TRAD Hire & Sales and TRAD Safety Systems). It would be brilliant to see regular updates of job opportunities and schemes that the workforce could apply for (to increase their skills and knowledge).

Would you recommend others to go through our mentor system, and if so why?

Yes, but only to those who are 100% committed to put in the hard work. There are good careers to be had within the Trad Group for those who are willing to apply themselves.

Ryan Gorey
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